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A year ago we analyzed 1 million Google search results. And we found that links impacted rankings more than every other factor: Quantity of referring domains. In reality, Google has recently come out and stated that backlinks is one of their top 3 ranking signals. So it’s clear that links still form the foundation of Google’s algorithm. The question is:

How come links still so important?

To comprehend that, you’ll must hop in your Delorean and go back to the pre-Google times of the internet. In the day, search engine listings like Yahoo! and Alta Vista (remember them?) were the dominant players. And they ranked their search results 100% based on the content over a webpage.

Their now-famous PageRank Algorithm changed the video game. Instead of simply analyzing the material of any page, Google looked at the number of people linked to that page. And they were right. Nearly two decades later, links continue to be the simplest way to determine the standard of a website. That’s why backlinks remain Google’s go-to ranking signal.

That said, because of updates like Google Penguin, Google now targets link quality (not just link quantity). You could be wondering: What exactly is a high-quality link, exactly? And how do I build them? That’s what I’m going to cover in the remainder of this informative guide.

Backlink building in 2018 is the process of earning links on other websites. Earned natural links directly improve the reputation of a web site and where it ranks in Google, along with other search engines like google. Self-made links are risky and are available together the potential risk of penalisation through the Google webspam team.

Link building is a very risky strategy in 2018, then one i would avoid until you have (at least) first addressed the inevitable quality issues on your website. In case your business or website content is not rvkzci organic links or social shares you could have a huge problem on your hands, and unnatural links is not going to enable you to over time.

It is important to know that in 2018, Google “discards” and “discounts” a lot of links for your site, specially the low-quality links it identifies, and it also requires a lot longer to find out the results of some types of link building packages. Links still matter in most situations but Google is looking to demote sites that have no E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) and a huge part of E-A-T is to get mentions and links on authoritative sites.

Google still rewards high-quality links, actively aims to ignore lower-quality links and will still penalise real-time spamming activity using manual actions. Before I ‘built links’ to your site I would check the site for quality issues first and improve website content. It’s easier, cheaper plus an investment in a pro-active activity that Google isn’t actively devaluing.

You can utilize tools like SEMRush (specifically the SEMRush Audit Tool), SiteBulb Crawler, DeepCrawl, Screaming Frog or SEO Powersuite Website Auditor to check for common SEO challenges. In case you are not technically minded, we are able to optimise your site included in our fixed price SEO service or ad-hoc SEO audit service.

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